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Rich media video makes users want to engage

From a user perspective, video ads can be seen as an interruption. Maddict’s mobile video solutions turn this status quo upside down by making users actually want to engage. Maddict’s video conversion offers the highest value in the industry today.
Video on mobile is growing. It’s posting up to 27% YoY growth in CTR terms while generating up to 25x more views than desktop and returning 7x conversions compared to desktop.
But users often see video ads as a necessary evil. Creating user engagement is a constant challenge.
That’s why Maddict created its new mobile video solution to deliver engagement and conversion metrics. It’s rich in media. It’s also rich in action.
And it offers industry-leading advantages such as:

1- Creative video placements
Ideal video placement possibilities include interstitial, pre/mid/post roll, in-feed HD videos integrating with feed content, and value exchange. The result is video ads that enhance, not hamper, the user experience, and create goodwill, high CTR (Click Through Rate) and excellent conversions.

2- Extreme targeting capabilities
Our rich video ads can be targeted to where they’ll create the most buzz. Targeting options include time of day, demographics, nature of mobile device, geo-location and GPS location. For clients, this means impressions that are served where they will make the most impact and generate excellent quality leads from an audience that is exactly the right fit with client goals.

3- Interactive end cards
Maddict’s video ads are almost infinitely customisable to deliver an extremely rich array of interaction options. Dynamic cards can transition to gamification, social media shares, and click throughs, with compelling calls to action. Touch friendly end cards for mobile can be customised quickly to deliver the highest possible engagement.

4- Cost effective value exchange
Apart from premium network placements, Maddict also offers high impact value exchange video ad options. Users are offered benefits if they watch a video. Benefits can range from extra lives or bonuses in a game, or access to special offers and discounts. By giving the user value in return, Maddict turns ads into a two way street of mutual benefit. Our value exchange options offer up to 90% completed views and a 90% conversion rate where dynamic end cards convince viewers to engage in ways clients want.


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  1. admin

    November 11, 2015 at 4:09 pm

    sounds great, and really promising. Wish u good luck!


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