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Maddict Translates Latest Mobile Trends
Into New Rich Media Executions

Maddict takes mobile advertising and rich media executions to a whole new level of intelligence. Users will not only become aware of new and trendy rich media executions but also have the opportunity to interact and socialize through them.

A new execution combining Advertising and Selfies, called Selfie Rich Media, is about to become one of the most sought after tools that will market brands and products in an innovative and unique way.

Selfie Rich Media

Once mobile users click on the rich media banner, the latter will expand and give him/her access to a small animation showcasing the product and the way Maddict’s advertising tool works. The user will then be asked to take a selfie, which will then be displayed on a new page containing graphical tools on the side of the screen. The user will then be able to adjust his selfie using all kinds of props to turn it into a personalized and branded selfie (depending on the brand that’s being promoted).

What better way for brands to interact with their customers online? Not only will the brand be using a popular mobile trend like the selfie, one that users today abundantly use and enjoy, but users will also get the chance to interact with their favorite brands online and get the opportunity to win something back in return.

Finally comes the best part: sharing the picture with friends and family on social media using the brand’s already trendy hashtag. The latter should be added to the caption on Instagram as opposed to Facebook and Twitter, where it automatically appears when shared from the mobile solution itself. As a result, the user with the highest number of interactions, including the highest number of shares, retweets, reposts, likes or comments depending on the brand and its activation guidelines or rules and regulations, will get the chance to win with the brand.

Brands today are bombarding the world with an incredible array of mobile advertisements on a day-today basis. Designed to change consumers’ behaviors, advertising is all about the relationship between the product and its branding. It is what excites us and gives us an adrenaline rush driven by an accelerated heart rate or heartbeat. It affects all of us. That is mainly the reason why we, as consumers, prefer labels as opposed to label-less products. This is where Maddict’s Heartbeat Rich Media comes in.

Heartbeat Rich Media

The Heartbeat Rich Media banner will lead users to an expandable where they will be asked to place their finger on the camera and click a button to start measuring their heartbeat. The results will then be displayed on a graph or in simple numbers. Finally comes the best part: sharing those numbers with friends and family on social media and inviting them to do the same. Comparing how we each react to a certain brand is the fun part and will make us think why one user’s numbers are different than the other.

From the static 320×50 banner ads we first saw in the early days of mobile, to the introduction of rich media, video, social, cross-screen and native, we’ve watched our industry and mobile creative grow leaps and bounds.

With the evolution of mobile advertising through rich media campaigns, our clients’ objectives can be brought to life in new and engaging ways as mobile devices themselves have and keep evolving at an exceptional rate.

Brands today have a new and improved way of communicating with their customers. They can create a ‘conversation’ or a dialogue by simply using today’s trends on popular social media networks to their advantage.

Why social media networks? The most popular applications taking over the mobile industry today are social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. What better way to join in and promote our clients’ brands where all their customers hang out on an hourly basis?

By conversing, users will be able to appreciate and enjoy their favorite brands in a whole new level and, in turn, brands will be able to turn clients into lifelong loyal customers while simultaneously going viral and creating new potential clients.


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