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Maddict’s premium video solution generates exceptionally high conversions for Aptamil

When Aptamil wanted to enhance brand awareness and drive targeted traffic to its Apt Advice’s Delivery Lounge page with the specific aim of getting users to engage with the registration wall, Maddict turned to its premium video ad solutions deck to create an incredible emotional bond with viewers.

The Brief:
Enhance Aptamil brand awareness and maximise the number the registrations on Apta Advice’s Delivery Lounge page. The Apta Advice Delivery Lounge is a complete platform where moms to be can find reassuring advice on all their labour and delivery concerns. The number of engagements with the registration wall was a key KPI, and the campaign was designed around optimising the CPCV metric – Cost Per Completed View of the video ad unit.

The Solution:
Maddict turned to its innovative video solution deck to deliver premium in-app video advertising backed by a touch-friendly end card to maximize conversions.

The instant, full screen HD video vehicle carried a moving Aptamil TVC. The ad was triggered by users moving from one page of in-app to the next, or was displayed on the app splash page.
The video end card carried a “Know More” action button that redirected users to Apta Advice, an Aptamil knowledge platform giving parents the support they need on the journey from pregnancy to toddlerhood.
The campaign was optimised for CPCV, or Cost per Completed View. In order to keep costs down and maximise reach, Maddict used advanced capping where views from the same IP address were restricted to ensure a far higher proportion of unique views.

Maddict also relied on sophisticated audience targeting technologies, both in terms of geography and demography. Parameters were kept incredibly tight, and highly optimised for the best results. The campaign was run on the “Maddict Female Channel” to target mothers in the 22-35-age bracket. Advanced geo-targeting ensured that all impressions were served within a 3km radius of 33 identified locations in Northern Riyadh.

The Maddict team implemented trackers after the video view. In essence, that meant that each competed view was counted by an independent third party tracking tool for maximum transparency. A click tracker was also implemented on the call to action “Know More” button for full reporting.

Impressions served, completed views and clicks on the “Know More” button were recorded in real-time, and compiled in daily reports. This allowed the Maddict team to optimise impressions and traffic rapidly, and also gain insight into demographic and cyclical traffic response patterns.

The Outcome:
The tightly targeted, highly optimised campaign yielded excellent results for the client, with over a couple of hundred thousand completed views yielding a completion rate in excess of 87 percent. The campaign’s CTR was 14.06 percent. Overall, the results indicated that over 85 percent of people served the video had watched it in full, and close to 15 percent had visited the Aptamil website in response.

Market intelligence note
Further analysis revealed that CTR rates had an extremely narrow variance when categorised by demographics. High-income Saudi nationals offered a CTR of 14.87 percent, similar to the 14.77 percent CTR posted by Western expatriates. Military personnel were more likely to click the call to action button, with a CTR of 14.98 percent, while Arab expatriates in Northern Riyadh were the most responsive demographic, coming in at 15.07 percent. Given the large number of impressions served per demographic group, the differences can’t be considered statistically very relevant. This leads to the insight that the campaign’s targeting parameters were sufficiently robust to give it cross-demographic appeal.


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